M3 allows you to add a new and edit an existing vendor service in three (3) ways:

  1. Individually
  2. Using Bulk Ingestion (aka Bulk Upload)
  3. Use a M3 Vendor Connector

Adding a service manually:

  1. On the left menu, go to Services > View All
  2. Select the “Add Services/Actions” button on the right side of the page and choose “Add Service”
  3. Add the vendor you are purchasing your service.  Start typing in the search bar and select the correct vendor.  If the vendor does not exist, select the “Add New” link.  Note – this will require you to add the vendor name and it URL (web site address).
  4. Add the product of for that vendor.  If the product does not exist, create the “Create Vendor Product” button.  Note – this will require you to categorize your product. Simply start typing the desired category in the category field (i.e. network) and type the product name.
  5. Enter the economics for your service – a) Billing frequency; b) Quantity; c) Currency; d) Recurring Unit Cost – this value will be multiplied x the quantity.  CMRC will divide this value by the Billing Frequency and Currency; e) Non-Recurring Unit Cost – this value will be multiplied x the quantity.
  6. Service Ownership. 1) M3 Owner (mandatory); 2) Service Owner; 3) Subscriber.  You can also assign this service to specific Division/Team
  7. Create Service
  8. From here, use the tabs in the service detail page to add all additional data available.

For instructions on how to use Bulk Upload and Vendor Connectors, please search in the M3 Knowledge Center.

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Was this post helpful?