MiSO3 Lingo & Definitions

Account Setup

What is MISO?

MISO is an intelligent service inventory platform that tracks your recurring service commitments, alerts you about upcoming actions, and simplifies identifying and acting on cost savings opportunities.

What type of Service Inventory items can be tracked?

Data and telecom, SaaS licenses, security certificates and equipment support are just the start. MISO tracks any service that has a term, a cost and an end of term action.

Generating Reports

Why shouldn’t I just use Excel?

Excel does not alert you of upcoming decisions or tell you when or why a decision should be made. If you are using an Excel workbook as your service inventory tool – unfortunately, you are probably unaware of the missed opportunity costs and recurring waste existing in your organization.

How does MISO help me?

MISO tracks the when, what, who and how for each service commitment.  When you need to decide; what happens if you don’t decide; or who to contact to get more information. Additionally, in MISO all of your agreements will be linked to your services and available with a single click.